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Press release (pdf)

Deutsche Text von Dagmar Hunold


foto Sylvio Dittrich

New version, will show in Dresden, Ostrale international exhibition september - august 2010

Exhibition of Stéphan Barron's diptych La bagarre des chiens - 1984

video edition dvdremix music by Jérôme Joy

Orient Express portfolio.

The project was realized during a pivotal phase of european history, two years before the fall of the Berlin wall, there is an almost premonition sense of the rejoining of the post war divide.
This work is highly significant in its use of networks, digital technology and art on global scale. Ideas that seem omni-present now, ecology, travel and changes in our perception of time and space are all thoroughly explored in this mid 80`s work.
Orient express is important in the canon of technoromanticism, there are echos of the work of Caspar David Friedrich exploring common themes of distance, scale, spiritualism and fraternity by employing the tools of our time. By way of co-incidence Friedrich`s ¨The big enclosure¨ (Das große Gehege - Ostra Gehege) was
painted in 1832 at the site that is now the Ostrale.

Polaroid N° 2 Budapest-Paris Orient Express in 1987 : Digital N° 9 Budapest-Paris

Stéphan Barron rode the Orient Express from Paris to Budapest
and every hour took a Polaroid of what he saw.
In Budapest the 25 Polaroids of that one-way trip were scanned and sent to Paris by modem.
The same process was used from Budapest to Paris and the 25
digitalised Polaroids of the return trip were sent from Paris to

This artwork is a reflexion on space and how travel is now perceived (motionless and imaginary trip) in an era of instantaneous communication.
Orient Express also reflects on time, or how an ordinary
moment, chosen in advance, can become important.

The essence of the image is time.











The 2010 version uses leds. Each lightcase has a specific color.

Below : exhibitions in Rennes, Hérouville-saint-Clair, Paris, Tourcoing's school of fine arts.

Orient Express, Rennes, 1990 Orient Express, Hérouville, 1990 Orient Express, Paris, 1991


Orient Express, Tourcoing, 1994