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Online artwork by Stéphan Barron.

Web surfers send in their texts by e-mail. Poetry, texts expressing love and hate or utopian views, all forms are accepted.

All are then composted! Just as we ourselves are composted!

Recycling as organic and cyclical technology, a technology of intelligence and responsibility, of the link to the natural and artificial world. Recycling as a perpetual and natural movement of things.

Com-post on the Internet is a celebration of slowness during a time of instantaneousness, a jubilant look at the microcosmic and the microscopic in an interrelated and interdependent world.

It praises everyday individual gestures related to a collective whole. Cut-up.


Compost is in la Revue d'Esthétique - Autres sites, nouveaux paysages, N° 39, Ed. Jean-Michel Place, Paris, 2001.

A text by Evelyne Rogue "Com_post de S. Barron ou le miroir de la communication"


More in French on Com-Post.