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Technoromantic and planetary artworks


Thaon / New York Satellite audiotransmission and slow-scan TV between the medieval church of Thaon (Normandy, France) and the cloisters (New York)-the concept of the project was to reactivate the cloisters, brought stone by stone, from Europe to America - June 87

Vidéo "TRANSMISSION" 2008 (pdf)

Orient Express Stéphan Barron took the Orient Express from Paris to Budapest and took one polaroid each hour. The polaroids are digitalised in Budapest, and sent by modem to Paris. The same process is used from Budapest to Paris - Oct. 87

Berlin / Peking 7 televisions showing images from the Berlin Wall and Berliners facing at 7 televisions showing images from China and the Great Wall - 1988

Lines Stéphan Barron ans Sylvia Hansmann drove along the Greenwich meridian from the english Channel to the Mediterranean sea. With a car fax they send images and texts of their trip, to fax machines in 8 locations in Europe. Linz - "Ars Electronica"-Sept. 89

Exhibition of LINES / LINIEN / TRAITS (pdf)

Selfportrait Construction of a telephone-machine with an arrow pointing in Stéphan Barron' s direction-Galea Gallery, Caen-June 91

The Plants of my Garden During three weeks Stéphan Barron sent from Normandy to Prague telefaxes of his tiny garden. Microcosms of the garden awakening from winter, macrocosms of Prague regaining freedom after communism-Spala Gallery, Prague-May 91

A perte d'entendre Stéphan Barron is linked by talkie-walkie to the Brandenburg door, walked in succession in 8 different directions. When losing audio contact, he took a polaroid- Saschewsky Gallery, Berlin-July 91

VIDEO "A PERTE D'ENTENDRE" and other video art works (pdf)


Le bleu du ciel (The Blue of the Sky) Two computers linked by telephone showing an average of the 2 colours of the sky North and South of France-Toulon / Tourcoing-School of Fine Arts-January 94



Night and day Two computers between Brasil and Australia average every three minutes the images of the skies in those two countries - Arte no seculo - Sao Paulo - dec.1995

Flower power - an ecological and social action in Lille by Stéphan Barron and Sylvia Hansmann - 1995/1998

Ozone The measures of Ozone produced by the car pollution in the city of Lille, and the measures of ultraviolets that come through the ozone layer are changed into sounds via internet and broadcast live in the street in Roubaix and in the garden of the Old Treasury Building in Adelaide. International Adelaide Festival, March 1996

Exposition O_O_O 2008

Eurotunnel Stéphan Barron and Sylvia Hansmann travelling by boat accross the English Channel directly above the trajectory of the Chunnel, throw at regular intervals bouys followed by satellites. The Chunnel's line is spread by the streams - 1998

Com_post online artwork - December 2000