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Stéphan Barron rode the Orient Express from Paris to Budapest and every hour took a Polaroid of what he saw.

In Budapest the 25 Polaroids of that one-way trip were scanned on computer and sent to Paris by modem.

The same process was used from Budapest to Paris and the 25 digitalised Polaroids of the return trip were sent from Paris to Budapest.

This piece is a reflexion on space and on how travel is now perceived (motionless and imaginary trip) in an era of instantaneous communications.

Orient Express also reflects on time, or how an ordinary moment, chosen in advance, can become important.

The essence of the image is time.

Exhibition of a new version 2010 in Dresden OSTRALE Internationale Exhibition

Video DVDREMIX 2010


Stéphan Barron's Virtual Gallery



Exhibition at the Donguy gallery (Paris)
"Contrôleur bleu" (digitized polaroïd)
Budapest's central station (polaroïd)

Text :

BOISTE Agnès, "Art électronique, Paris-Budapest", Hérouville Nouvelles, Mai 1990, Hérouville