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Arte e ecologia : sobre a Arte Planetária e o Tecnoromantismo Ilda Tereza de Castro

Art and Ecology : On Earth Art and Technoromanticism

Art et écologie : Sur l'Art Planétaire et le Technoromantisme




Artist and contemporary art theoretician Stéphan Barron created the concept of Technoromanticism while writing his doctoral thesis between 1991 and 1996 for Paris VIII University .

Technoromanticism, is a neologism which he created and which has been adopted by other English-speaking researchers.

Technoromantism is the theory of links between art and new technologies, within the context of the threats posed to Nature by technoscience and economic development.

Technoromantism also seeks to analyse the return of the human body within technological arts, formulating the hypothesis that a technological society needs a corporeal rebalancing of
perceptions. In 2003 his book "Technoromantisme" was published by Harmattan.

Stéphan Barron’s other research theme is Planetary Art; this is an art form which takes the Earth in its planetary dimension as its basis for artistic creation. Stéphan Barron wrote about this subject in « Toucher l’espace, poétique de l’Art Planétaire » (Touching space – the poetry of Planetary Art), in which he presents his own artistic approach and that of other artists working on a global scale.



Book Technoromantisme

Book Toucher l'espace, poétique de l'Art Planétaire (Touching space – the poetry of Planetary Art)




Stéphan BARRON's HDR (Université Paris VIII) - 2005

Stéphan Barron's artworks from 1983 till 2004 (pdf)

Stéphan Barron's artwork's critic analysis (pdf)

Texts by Stéphan Barron (pdf)



Stéphan Barron's bibliography (pdf)




Stéphan Barron's doctoral thesis



Textes critiques sur Stéphan Barron (pdf)

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Stéphan Barron : an artistic techno-romantic itinerary", text by Frank Popper for the 5th edtion of the book "Contemporary artist"

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