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Satellite audiotransmission and slow-scan TV between the medieval church of Thaon in Normandy, France, and the Cloisters in New York City.

Transmission (pdf) film 2008 (2h07) Sound remixed by James Taylor (Swayzak)

in dvdremix version




The church of Thaon
The New York's Cloisters

The purpose of this project was to reactivate the American cloisters brought to New York stone by stone with a satellite transmission of spiritual input from the medieval church of Thaon in Normandy.

Confrontation of two emotionally charged places: Manhattan and the isolated church at the far end of the vale.
Collision of two worlds: the New World and new York City, the ancient world and nature.


Videotransmission of a sculpture from the Church of Thaon  

Virtual Gallery

Text by Stéphan BARRON on Thaon/New York